To make my paintings I have come to the realization that I use what I call the ‘Three I’s” of INFLUENCES, INTUITION. and  INTENT.

 If I only used influences, I would consider my work not much more than a mimetic copy or totally derivative of someone else’s work.

 If I only used intuition, I would wonder (and rightly so) if I left too much to chance or mood. It is important to have a consistency of quality and meaning in my work.

 If I used only intent, I would more than likely be disappointed because my imagined intent is always elusive. I get more than I imagined by not setting too many rules about how to get there.

 Using all of these factors, I can use the knowledge of formal issues that comes from viewing a lot of art and, also, from being in the studio making art all of the time. Using that comprehension of formal design as an aid to intuitively know what is the right relationship of color, mark, space, etc. is the intent. Intention is necessary to direct you to explore the former two. Intention also demands you delve more into your own reasons for making art.

Cheryl D. McClure


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