Completion of another Annotation series work… Veil

For two weeks, I have worked on this painting. It is oil so I have to wait (sometimes I am glad to wait, other times not), between the layers. It seems I am working with a lot of neutral colors lately. This kind of thing comes and goes in my work. It seems I have to make marks with any kind of color or implement, then cover them up. Then do this over and over until I embed the marks and colors into the surface. “It”.. the mark or color,  needs to become a part of the surface. Not on top as an after thought but a part of the whole.

Like most artists, then I doubt myself and think..what was I thinking?    And the next day I think I really do know what I am doing….HA, as if I will ever know what I am doing every step of the way. Whatever happens, I hope when the time comes, I will know when to stop.

In this painting, I can only hope that I have not veiled it so much that it becomes homogenized into a work that has no real impact.

I consider it a part of the Annotations Series I started last year.. with the sub-title of Veil.

Annotation, Veil

Annotation, Veil  40 x 40 inches, oil on canvas


Finishing up two new encaustic paintings

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been sad that wasn’t going to the 9th International Encaustic Conference. I look forward to seeing like minded peeps at this professional conference every year.

To help make up for it, I started on two 40×30 inch wood panels with encaustic. I only set up parameters of using lot of black and white…one to be dominated by white and the other dominated by black.

I spent days between working quickly, alternating with the days of just staring at them. It’s not as easy to layer, block out and then re-do that layer as it is with some mediums. By that I meant there is more of a chance that each time you alter, you may never get back the freshness you had the first time. That said, rarely does the first time around end up being a good painting.

I now think I am through with both of these paintings that I am considering titling Reverie and Dark Reverie. I think the title of Dark Reverie fits better than the one for the light one so we will see later.

Reverie & Dark Reverie both 40 x 30 x 2 inch encaustic on wood panels

Reverie & Dark Reverie
both 40 x 30 x 2 inch encaustic on wood panels

Johnson Creek, February

I’ve been in the studio…. just not as much since the holiday rolled around and past. It seems like I have been spending too much time learning a new computer OS and all the new programs that come with that change-over to MAC. On the positive side, it is keeping my brain cells working over time.

I have been in that studio though and have been working with acrylic again since it has been awhile. This painting is 30 x 30 inches, acrylic on canvas, Johnson Creek, February.

Enjoy, I hope.Johnson-Creek-February-acrylic-canvas-30x30-Cheryl-D-McClure

Longview Museum of Fine Arts

This time is almost here……………..the opening reception for the East Texas Regional Artists exhibit at the Longview Museum of Fine Arts, Longview TX.

I am honored to have been chosen for this six artist showing for 2014. Saturday, July 19, 2014   215 E. Tyler St., Longview, TX   7-9pm



Slow Progress is sometimes the best of all.

When I paint, it is usually with a large flurry of paint, gesture, mark-making. It doesn’t matter sometimes what comes first so it is okay to just let loose with acrylic

Then there are those other times when you have to slow down………..and that is not a bad thing. Oil painting is one such process. I have to slow down, look more, think more.

That has been the case with the last two paintings I started on at the same time. One is still waiting for more judgement. This one is progressing to the point I can show it. It may not be totally finished. Sometimes there is a little more finesse needed in the paint surface, or a dark or a line to be made that I will discover a little later. I have even turned it all around………it could be hung in about any direction, especially since it is a square.

The final title will be determined when I am sure, but it is another painting in my Annotation Series begun earlier this year.

Here are the three stages I photographed as time went past.

1st stages

1st stages

2nd stages, 36 x 36 oil on wood panel

2nd stages, 36 x 36 oil on wood panel

3rd and maybe final image, 36 x 36 oil on wood panel

3rd and maybe final image, 36 x 36 oil on wood panel



It’s amazing sometimes what happens by chance. In this instance, I needed to have an exchange painting, 8 x 8 inches for the 8th International Encaustic Conference to be held June 6-8, 2014 in Provincetown, MA.

I don’t work that small generally speaking and I guess I could have done something on paper BUT I decided to work on a small 2 inch deep cradled panel. I hated to ask the panel people to make ONE, so I got a dozen.

I had an idea to work on all of them and give one in the exchange. My idea was to take some of the bits and pieces of the shapes and colors I see in the area here where I live on Johnson Creek. I determined to limit my color and just concentrate on the shapes.

I wanted half of them to start light, the other half dark. As they progressed I got excited that they would all look great hung all together as a group.

I will still choose one (not determined at this time) to be wrapped for the exchange but I will let that person come exchange for one of the others if they want to do this. Then I will hang all the others with a blank spot where the missing one would have been.

This plan is not written in stone, but I think it will be an interesting departure. The work is titled, Johnson Creek, Field Notes.

Johnson Creek Field Notes, 12, 8 x 8 x 2 inch encaustic paintings on cradled wood panels.

Johnson Creek Field Notes, 12, 8 x 8 x 2 inch encaustic paintings on cradled wood panels.

The whole grouping will be shown and available at the Hotel Fair at the Conference, Sunday, June 8, 2014

Re-arranging painting inventory

I went to Houston last week to freshen up the inventory there at Jack Meier gallery. Now that I am home, I have to re-arrange all the work I brought back and think about where some of it will go in the next round of rotation with galleries. AND, it is Spring Cleaning time.

This painting is titled Meander 13 and is an acrylic diptych, 48 x 48 inches hung vertically. I have a couple of these paintings …or this one is larger and another is 30 x 30 inches.

I was thinking that when it was painted a couple of years ago, I was really getting into the line, mark-making and more nuanced additions to the paint in a painting. I have continued to be intrigued with making these varied marks in my paintings ever since. Some are made with graphite, or charcoal or india ink.

This one just might be one of the paintings I show at a museum show I am invited to opening mid summer. The second painting is one I did first… the 30 x 30 inch, Meander 12.




Essentially Finished

More layers and more layers over the past two days. These two 30 x 30 x 2 inch oil paintings are essentially finished. Having so much red, it will be a time before I can add some clear cold wax medium over them but I don’t think they will need anything else…or at least not much.

These are two of the new series I call Annotations. The exact titles are not determined  yet.




Out with the Old…In with the New, or something like that!

After being missing in action in the studio through the holidays, I got myself back in the studio the past few days. Ahhh, it is a wonderful feeling to be there. I have been starting a couple of new oil paintings that will finish up in the new year 2014. OMG, 2014. I just know a lot of good things will come with this new year.

I know you get tired of hearing about all the layering, editing, mark-making, and then covering up and scraping back. But what can I say… that is what I do as I try to find my bliss. I didn’t say it was easy but it is such an unexplainable feeling when something finally comes together and you know this is what it is all about.

HOWEVER, I am not there yet with these two 30 x 30 oil paintings. Oil is a lot slower process for me……harder to get the paint down, messier, longer drying between all the layers….but such a wonderful, velvety richness when you do get through it all.

Here is what I have after a couple of days of layering, editing ,etc…. I will pick back up on these in the New Year. Thank you for tuning in while I talk to myself about my work and what is going on in my life that affects my work.

Happy New Year…..2014 is going to be wonderful.

two oils in progress


detail 2

detail 2


detail 1

detail 1

Probably finished

Everyone, including myself is tired of looking at this painting. I think it may finally be finished. At least I feel much better about it after all the struggle.

It is going to be some time propped over in a corner of the studio so i can see it with my peripheral vision before I will know for sure. At that time, rub some more plain cold wax medium over it to seal it up and buff it.

I do not plan to get out any blue paint for the next couple of paintings…………..

Annotation, Old Wall-Blue

Annotation, Old Wall-Blue

Progress being made

I waited a bit to let the oil on that painting set up a little more……….and it was way too blue. That said, I worked back into it with other values, etc. and I see some promise. I have determined that this board was just way too textured for me and it is giving me fits. I like texture but I like perceived, optical texture a little more than actual overall texture. I keep fighting it…. I need the contrast of some smooth area. I need the contrast. I need some large shapes extending from the picture plane……….hum. I turned it horizontally and it worked better for me.

For now, here it is…. there is more work to be done.

In process oil painting

In process oil painting 24 x 36 x 2 inches