OKAY…….making a little progress here. I got the images all processed. Here are the two small 12 x 12′ encaustic on panel paintings I started for the demo in Dallas last week. I actually haven’t done a lot more to them since then. I mainly worked on the one I worked on for the demo and the other one is done I believe. Nothing is written in stone since encaustic can continue to be worked on forever, kinda like pastel.

Although I started these with the same color palette at the same time, one takes on a more watery look and the other a more woodsy or jungle look. Probably because of more blue/green in the watery one. Anyway, titles are always difficult…….but I thought of something right away for these. “It’s A Jungle Out There” for the top one and “Submerged” for the other.

Learning Curve

Hum…the slow learning curve continues. I made some photos of paintings….Vista 64 bit doesn’t like the driver for my EOS XT. I finally gave up with trying the plain Vista driver on the Canon site and did a search. I found that changing a setting from PC connection to Print would allow it to be uploaded…….who’s a thunk if you didn’t find the answer on the internet. Get going Canon…Vista 64 bit or some other 64 bit is here for a time.

So then, it imported into a new part of a new program and I go fumbling around saying “where are all my menus?” Finally, I discover the new Express Labs is different that the plain old Corel PSP menus. I finally have ONE picture painting to show you.

This one is an encaustic painting, 24 x 24″ titled Antiquity.

May 25

Man….can’t believe how much trouble I had downloading my old diary program. They had quit the old freebie version I used for making notes and adding to my blog. AND, being a newbie to Vista I couldn’t find the darn file after I downloaded it to unzip it. FINALLY, I just downloaded it to the desktop and went from there fine.

I like using this program (Advanced Diary 1.3) because I can sometimes get bumped off the internet while writing to the blog and then lose everything. This way I write, copy, paste and voila.

I have been struggling a little with new computer, new software etc. so not a lot of time to think of something for the blog. I am working (somewhat)…I made a trip to Dallas for almost a week and went to the opening of the new Encaustic Center up in Richardson last Friday…I was one of many of the TxWaxDallas group who did mini demos of how we paint our own style of encaustic paintings.

I have a couple of new encaustic paintings going and need to get to work on more. this group is ‘cooking’……lots of exhibits coming up for us. The next one titled, Meltdown, will be at the Art Hotel Gallery located at 1-30 @ Akard sometime toward the end of June..with work due mid June. The next one after that is the re-opening show for the beautiful Fair Park Discovery Gardens building. I need all new work for that show, titled, Global Swarming. Mixed in there is the show at the Tarrant County Community College S/E gallery which will be hung around September 10.

We still have a myriad of small and large projects going and winding down around the farm/ranch as well. Not much time to sit on the porch lately but that time is coming.

I’ll get a few pics up soon…..promise!

Having a melt down!

I’m having a meltdown…and not the good kind with beeswax. The kind that comes with the excitement and frustration of setting up a new computer. This thing is gorgeous…HP TouchSmart IQ 816. A 25.5 inch screen all in one. The problem and frustration is having a borderline connection and VISTA. I’ve been using XP Pro for 4 years and this is not a pretty sight a grown woman almost pulling hair.
On top of that some of my software discs disappeared in the move. I’m trying to get my FTP program to load (I have the Key) but it’s not working. I don’t have an email program set up yet due to using Web mail so much. Who knows how many little programs are not installed yet and I will have to hunt them all down one my one for my preferences.

OK…….no more negative hair pulling.

Here’s the painting I painted almost entirely at Mississippi Art Colony the first day. I did a little tweaking but I think it’s working. I can’t think of any other title for it but to add to my Little Pieces of Land series at #29. It is 48 x 36″ acrylic on canvas.

Now to get the varnish and hangers on it and on to more if this darn computer (I am not going there again).

So bye for now…you know where I’ll be.