Houston and back

Whew…. whirlwind trip to Houston from the ranch yesterday morning. I loaded up the SUV with work to show some art professionals I have been talking with…and my Hunting Art Prize painting and headed to Houston about 8 am. Being slow as I am getting ready to go anywhere the past few years, I had to get up at 6am..plus I ‘really’ woke up at 5am.

I got to the drop off at the art services company checking in the work for the competition just before noon. Little Miss Garmin Nuvi gave me all the directions. I did have a back up print out though, just in case. I then headed over to check out the location where I would meet with the consultant and dealer. I found it and figured I had about 3 hours to kill until our appointment. I guess the ‘great power’ was there to help me have a smooth day. I got a call within 15 minutes telling me the schedule was moved up if that was OK with me…. Yes – Yes, so we all met. I think they liked my work. I’ll be waiting to see how it goes.

Back home I headed by 1pm……………. 8 hours driving, 1 hour meeting. LONG DAY! but productive………..now to get all the work out of the SUV and back into the studio. I have new panels and canvases on order and they are ready. I’ll pick them up tomorrow. Nothing like being ‘prepared’ for anything.

Loading up for Houston


Meander 3
acrylic on canvas
48 x 48 inches


Yaay… got all the work in my Explorer to take to Houston tomorrow. Needing rain like we do here on the ranch, I still hope for none on my way to Houston and back. I will have a long day ahead of me with a 4-hour drive to drop off my entry for the Hunting Art Prize.

After I get through with that, I am on to meet with some art professionals about my work…SO, loaded up some more work just in case they want to see something in person.

One of the paintings I am taking is the third in a series I titled Meander. Other than my entry to HAP, this is the largest piece I am taking with me.

Work for beeline show

Two down, one to go, if I can get another encaustic painting done to enter for the Beeline show in Provincetown, MA. I always hate to send in an entry to a show without sending as many pieces as they allow.

Hum….now what can I do now to come up with another one to generally fit the theme of BEELINE??? Do you remember how I keep mentioning I hate themes… why do they come around so often!

Today on FB there was a small discussion about entering shows… facing rejection and all that stuff we artists contend with every day, year after year. Joanne Mattera, the founder of THE Encaustic Conference reminded us of a great blog post she had up some time back on rejection.  Great article all artists should read now and then.

I can hope I won’t be going to read it again for awhile.  Pictures after the jury comes in.


Earlier in the week, I had decided that three of the encaustic monotypes I worked on way back when I first got Paula Roland’s HotBox, were just perfect to mount on a new panel I had. It was serendipity that the 24 x 12 x 2 inch panel was perfect to stack the three monotypes with a little border around them. I added more wax to the backs of the monotypes so they would have lots of wax to “stick”, painted a background on the panel with the monotypes in mind.

Then I hit a block when I began to get worried that these papers coated with so much wax would not adhere properly to the waxed board. My whole intent with getting the hot box was to use monotypes this way or to cut them up to use as collage elements. SO it was a real downer to think they might not stick well enough. I went online asking around and people came up with all kinds of good ideas. However none of them would work well with these paintings in my opinion. In fact I had already used some brass hinges on another piece I intend to let hang off the board but this piece just doesn’t call for anything else. SO… I gently heated the board surface, laid the pieces down, pressed firmly and then started building up the edges to come up closer around the paper edges. I think this will do it.

I love the motion, gesture, flow and rhythm in these little pieces. I titled it, Tidepools.

Tidepools encaustic monotype on wood panel 24x12x2

Tidepools, encaustic monotype triptych on wood panel, 24 x 12 x 2 inches.


I decided to just keep looking at that last painting for a time. So I started work on a 30 x 30 wood panel that had been calling to me from the corner of my encaustic work room.

I keep wanting to get some flow and gesture more in the wax painting process. That is my general way of working. However, the wax can cool so quickly that it is hard to get this flow painting with wax. In this particular instance I decided to use some of the paint I had mixed up in little cans on the hot palette and to use the brush and pour some of it out and manipulate it around…back and forth and so on. I had so many purples, pinks, reds, etc out that this painting ended up being dominated by pinks. I guess I’m on a pick kick since the Pink Ground painting not long ago.

Anyway, with all this said, I hauled it out on the studio porch and took this picture. I’m kinda thinking this is ‘done’……if not, then it won’t be much more done, and probably not noted by anyone but me











Pink Sky, encaustic on wood panel, 30 x 30 x 2 inches.