I don’t know about you, but I get this urge now and then to just strike out and start work where I have no idea where it will go or how it will turn out.

You might say, I do this every time I paint, but that’s not really true. I do work intuitively but I still can’t help but have some idea because like everyone else, I can fall into a rut. I might even like the rut.

I’m trying to start a new painting(s) today with that idea in mind. And, of course, why not make it a real challenge by using fairly large canvases? These two are 40 x 40 inches each.

Saturday, when I was in the studio, I primed these two and set them out on my painting wall. I then, did something rare for me. I mixed up some smallish samples of paint to consider using on the two canvases. I jotted down the color mixtures without getting exact with it.

So then I came to the studio today and got out little dishes to mix the colors in. So far, I am not using my usual set up of a palette although I am sure that at some point I will because I just have to make variations of the colors and I can’t do that painting one mixture at a time.

And so, it begins. Stay tuned.

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