Meander 23

It was a long but wonderful holiday. I really enjoyed seeing all the kids.

Back to the studio for me today. First thing is I have to finish a painting that I keep looking at across the studio. I finally just had to bite the bullet as the old saying goes and start painting on it. I didn’t like it the way it was… it was dead and the design was static and felt contrived to me. The only way out of that is to paint it all out or just get in there and put in a huge brush load of paint in some color that might work for the painting.

That was the way I went……. a huge brush load of paint right in the middle of the whole 40 x 60 x 2 inch acrylic on canvas. My husband who says he knows nothing of paintings just walked in and I showed him the painting and he said, “I’ve seen a lot of other ones with all the green, blue and yellow…….like the one you brought home from Mississippi.”  LOL…. it IS the one I brought home but now it looks a lot different now than that under-painting did. SO, he might have an eye after all. AND, yes I have been painting a lot of green or green and blue or yellow/ochre paintings. What else can I do when I am surrounded by the farm?

This picture is only an I-phone photo but it will suffice for the blog. I still have to paint the sides some more and haul it down to photograph it for my documentation but I think this is it… finished, Meander 23.

Meander 23, acrylic on canvas, 40 x 60 x 2 inches

Finished…. Beneath The Surface

I missed one step the other day when I lost my post. I posted a little on FB but now I am finished with this encaustic diptych., titled, Beneath the Surface 4/5, diptych…. 24 x 30 x 2 inches on cradled wood panel.

I just kept adding more encaustic wax paint and medium along with making marks with oil sticks………fusing and scraping. The color for this image is better than the previous iphone photos although when you see it on your monitor it could look different. I think the original is slightly warmer than the painting image. This may be due to reflected sky lighting.

Anyway……….no big techniques here, just my way of painting with encaustic which usually doesn’t involve any tricks, etc. I think I will probably frame this 2 panel piece all in one frame facilitating a hanging problem that happens when paintings are shipped off for display or exhibit.

I am going to be spending the rest of the week cooking and visiting with my family……..maybe back to the studio on Friday if possible. I hope you will all have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends.


Beneath the Surface, diptych

Continued Encaustic painting

Back to the studio today…… far I have not done anything else to the 24 x 12 inch piece I worked on in the last post. The reason is that I decided to just add another panel to the side and continue on. THEN I will see if they both need many more layers. I am really tempted to paint out that upper plane that turns these panels in to a more traditional landscape. The second panel is 24 x 18 so the total size is 24 x 30 x 2 inches now………


Frustration and awkwardness

Payback for days when your paintings paint themselves…..days when you are frustrated. This happens now and then, especially when I am mixing it up in the studio between mediums.

I’ve been heating up the encaustic wax but also finishing up and varnishing some acrylic paintings.In fact, I still have one large acrylic painting that I just keep looking at like it might finish up on it’s own…. yeah, I know…but all of a sudden I will just go for it and paint it all out or something will occur to me that I want to try on it.

But, back to the encaustic. I scraped off the wax from two previous paintings that were never finished since now the inspiration for finishing them is gone. When I haven’t been working with a medium for a time, I feel awkward with working with it for a time. That is the way my day has gone with this work. AND on top of that this is an extreme rectangle that is never my best format.

I had no real thought in mind but I have been mulling over the thoughts of all my paintings actually having a long story in layers beneath the surface. Especially with encaustic, you build layers even more than you do with other mediums. The painting experience can be quick or slow and contemplative. One thing that happens to me is that it is usually contemplative since time is taken to heat up the wax and get sufficient paint out and heated, etc. Once I get a lot of paint down on the panel, then I can start thinking, feeling, and seeing what my imagination or memory directs. Then it doesn’t matter how many layers are added or subtracted, the painting tells me where to go.

Most times, my paintings go toward natural forms but not in the way they really look when you see them but the way I feel the place or environment. I like this since we all have different ways of feeling toward our surroundings and our response will be different.

This painting is like many………..I just felt my way along. I don’t know that it is finished as I will need to come re-visit it in the studio, look and decide then whether or not to keep adding more layers.