Yellow Panels

I got sidetracked from the panels by getting some airline reservations………not to be used until May. It will be a nice trip when the time comes.

I did get back into the studio and various other energy taking endeavors yesterday. I pulled four of the group out and just painted. Looks an awful lot like some of my big paintings, only small. Actually, I started with three and then pulled in another one that wasn’t working with collage under a couple of layers of paint.

Now I gotta ask myself why I’m beating myself up over painting all these little panels when they are taking so much time and will not bring in as much revenue as one big painting. Ask……well, of course, I didn’t know I was going to get blocked like this and not like a darn thing I was painting. I was expecting MORE and didn’t get it. If people who buy paintings only realized that (for me anyway) they can sometimes take more time and patience than large works, then maybe they would be willing to pay more for them.

My original idea was for them to be hung and sold as groups of four anyway. Although now I can say that the original idea was to have three painted ones and one turned with the shadowbox incorporating 3 d objects/collage. A purchaser could then arrange them to their heart’s content. That idea went down the tubes when none of them were working. With that out of my mind, I can now just go paint them in groups of however many works.

I have no idea how I will like them all or if anyone else will either when I’m done. I still haven’t done anything else to the two green/darkblue ones and have two other sets to work on next.

I was just set to put them all away and get out a big canvas but then worked on these instead.

A Quote for the Day

A quote for the day……just after clicking around through some blogs, I came across this quote. How appropriate for me (without the top artist part) I’m asking myself this over and over the past couple of years…and I think it’s getting worse every year.

It seems that I am considered a top artist and that doesn’t surprise me. But that doesn’t help me to make a new work. I go to work every time thinking, “What on earth am I going to do?” How will I make something that works?” – Robert Rauschenberg

The small panels I’ve been working on over and over sporadically just keep changing. I hesitate to post a picture as by the time anyone sees the image (and of course, just LOVES it)…….it may very well be painted over.

BUT……… are two of them.


Waaaaa….. none of this painting stuff is going well AT ALL………..”Lay all your troubles down…..lay them down on me…. One more hand-me-down” ….that’s what my ipod is singing out. Don’t you love MatchBox Twenty?

Wish I could do that…just lay my troubles down….troubles with these %#1* panels that are not working for me. Maybe that’s what I should do ….say “these are not working, will never work”….then when it doesn’t matter, just put something down and put them away and get out a BIG canvas instead of killing myself on these little 12 x 12” panels. No, I’m determined…….sooner or later they have to shape up into something although it may be far removed from the vague idea I had in mind.

My new mantra needs to be “nothing in mind, nothing in mind………just do it”. Have fun, play…….yeah, sure! Well it IS fun, when it’s going well. Of course, then I beat myself up that maybe it went too easy and isn’t worth anything if it was that easy. I must remind myself right now that there are too many times when it isn’t working that way, easy that is.

I gotta face it, I’m basically not a “just have fun” person. Everything I start doing ends up being serious. Why is that?

Hummm…………now maybe I should get out some collage stuff. Maybe adding a little element here and there will strike a chord in me somewhere.