Purple Ground

Purple Ground WIP 30 x 40 inches

I’m making a little progress on this acrylic painting that is so far to be referred to as Purple Ground. I started this on the day of a one-on-one workshop with another artist in my studio to show her how I begin a painting. This one had Quinacradone Purple as a tone under the layers.

I just now got back to it………and it is not finished yet.  I’ll post when it’s finished.

Hunting Art Prize

WOW…just an exciting week-end all around after I got some great news Friday. One of my paintings is a finalist in the 2011 Hunting Art Prize. Although there is a little controversy in the art world about this competition and how they choose the artists (isn’t there always??)…I am proud to be one of the 113 chosen. The winner will be disclosed at the Gala in Houston on April 30.

Here is the first PR I found about who has been chosen. Strange that the first notice I found came from south Mississippi.  http://www.sunherald.com/2011/02/22/2882650/113-artists-move-to-final-round.html

The painting I entered is Green Day, Johnson Creek…….60 x 48 inches, acrylic on canvas. It was painted September/October 2010.

Green Day - Johnson Creek

Interesting week

It’s been a busy, productive week for me in the studio. I agreed to teach a one on one class with another artist. SO, Monday we met at my studio and got into talking, painting and discussing what it is she wanted to learn more about. It was a lot of fun in many respects for me. I’m not trained as a teacher, so I hope I heard what she was wanting to learn more about and I hope that I helped her with it. I know that I learned just from the experience of thinking about and trying to articulate what I do in my own process.

In my trying to show her how I work…….and emphasizing that this is only one of a myriad of ways to work as an abstract artist, I got a good painting going for myself. Today I went back to work on it some more but I’ve decided it needs more time for me to think about it.

With that decided, I decided it was time to heat up the wax again and get to work on some more encaustic paintings. I started gathering up materials to think of using. It came to me to use some of my experiments with the hot box………..OR maybe just use paper incorporated into the work. Something slightly comical came to me to try so I’m going for it. If it turns out I’ll clue y’all in on it later. For now…only hints!

Pondering content

Blue In_Process 20x16 encaustic on panel

I’ve mentioned before my dislike of working within themes or concepts. Last time I heated up the wax I was trying to work with a theme in mind. It was confining to my process to say the least. Finally, I just started working on another panel and that was a lot more fun for me. Although I liked the way the second painting started and the first one might end up being a pretty good painting when I get back to it, I feel constrained by having to work through someone else’s idea.

SO………does this mean I am not an artist if I don’t have a concept or an idea in mind other than the formal aspects I enjoy a lot more? I don’t know as I figure that many others might be in the same boat. However, in the scheme of things, that doesn’t matter to me about what the others feel…it is what I feel for my painting that matters. I know I have to stretch myself at times to do some of these pieces by someone else’s idea/them/concept. I may find I love the piece when I get through…………oh yeah, and I may hate it and just cover that sucker up so it will never see the light of day again.

For now, I just have to trust in the process I use to make art work………and hope it is art in someone else’s eyes as well as my own. I find content in the work after it is finished and I realize where it came from. ….within me, my imagination and my experiences.

SO…out there in blog land….where does your content come from?

Oh yeah…. and here is the 20 x 16 inch encaustic painting I have in progress that was fun to work on.

Meander 3

I finally got back to the studio. It really feels like forever since I was there working on this canvas. With the cold, icy spell we had, and working with my new website format, I have been away far too long.

I’m sure this probably happens to everyone……….get away from the studio too long and when you come back you are a totally different (well, not totally) but you know what I mean. You mood is different, the light is different….your gesture will be off if you left in the middle of something. You end up painting over the whole thing and you have a whole new painting.

This is what I expected today and I was really not looking forward to this happening on a 48 x 48 inch canvas. WELL………..will wonders never cease, I think I escaped this time and was able to just keep piling on the paint. Most of my palettes had not totally dried up so I had some mixtures still working for me.

I think (hope) I am through with the painting I will title, Meander 3. I don’t know about you but I have become more dependant on looking at my work with a camera a lot of the time to know for sure that it really is finished. I’m pretty good at stopping……….but the best way to see it is to get away and a camera is a good way to do it.


Meander 3 acrylic on canvas 48 x 48 inches