Encaustic panels, continued.

I said I was going to put that panel up and work on the other one…………I did, but first I decided to add more gray and black in the lower part of the panel as I thought it looked too much of a vignette.
I then started adding paint to the other panel……….I always need to get enough paint on a canvas or panel so I can work from there.

I’m having second thoughts on all these blacks, whites, grays………..but I am continuing.

I have to face the fact like usual at some point that I am going to have to quit making lots of little nuances and just negative paint the hell out of the painting. When that time comes it will work or it won’t.

I think I may have to go find some small sauce pans so I can pour some large amounts of paint.

bothGestureEncausticPanelsIN_Progress 2ndPanelIN_Progress


Encaustic painting progress

gesturepanel1-detail2-2ndstage gestureEncaustic1stpanel-2ndstage. detailPanel1-2ndstageI’ve spent a few sessions working on one of the 30 x 40 wood panels now. Not to procrastinate, I decided to start with the gestural drawing start of the one I considered not as successful for some reason.

So, far, I have not used anything else but encaustic paint and medium. I have limited my palette to grays, whites, black………but ended up with some areas of warmth in some of the whites. Due to the coolness of the other color, it almost looks ochre. Amazing what relationships will do with color.

I drug my convertible BEST easel into the encaustic room to get a little closer to the hot medium and paint. So far, I have gotten a good amount of paint layers on this work……..and a good bit of scraping back. I think I am going to have to go looking for a lot of small pans with handles so I can haul the hot paint to the panel instead of trying to get so close to the paint.

I am now going to put it aside and work on the other panel so I can get them both to a similar stage of finish before going in to work more.

There are two details and one of the whole panel shown here. I posted another detail on FB yesterday.

New Encaustic paintings started

Toward the end of 2012, I had a few really large acrylic paintings going……..one for a commission. So due to the holidays, I finished them up.

Still in the back of my mind were those two 30 x 40 x 2 inch wood panels over in the corner waiting for me to come and work on them. I had been considering oil with cold wax medium or encaustic. One day I just decided I would prep for encaustic since I had an idea for something I wanted to do with them. Not a real ordinary thing for me…ideas ahead of painting even one brushstroke. I do now and then though and have had to give in to the idea that sometimes ideas just don’t live up to your expectations. I find that just letting the painting go where it wants is good, whether or not I really have a firm idea or not.

What you say is the idea?  Those gesture ‘drawings I did back some time ago as just fun exercises on some large paper I had……..they are 30 x 44 inches………I used black and white paint and a little pencil, ink, and even some pastel……..One night I thought they might be just the thing to try out on the wood panels with encaustic. It would definitely be a challenge as encaustic paint just does not move like acrylic and liquid mediums generally speaking.

SO… right after the kids were gone from the holidays and I had rested up a little and got some errands and appointments over…………into the studio.

I now have two 30 x 40 panels with sumi and india ink brush drawings on them………..added pencil and any other thing I thought would be compatible under encaustic………….they were first coated with encaustic gesso (Holy Grail) from EvansEncaustics. There are other companies out there but Hylla made the first and I love using it.

I also have a layer of clear medium over the surface of both of these pieces and fused in………..ready for the next layer in the next session.


Below are just the photos of the beginning drawings……..gestureOnEncausticGessoStep_1_WEB GestureOnEncaustic 2ndPanel