I have not reported in on that last painting start as you might have noticed if you read the last post. WHY, you ask??

Well, it is because nothing is working. I say nothing. On the first go round I liked that rhythm of the brush strokes. That is almost the only thing I liked if I want to be real.

I was challenging myself to do something different from what I usually do. But, what the heck!

This challenge is not working for me at all. First of all, I do not like using paint already mixed up without having a lot of other paint there to make some variation as I paint. I cannot  really get what I want for edges if I do this “paint one color at a time stuff. EDGES are so important.

The colors could be okay. This is something I can say after mixing colors and jotting down what those mixtures contain. I don’t know that I love them, but I can change up if I need to.

I still like the rhythm of the beginning strokes of the painting. What I don’t like is the filling in of all that white space because I have found that having a color ground is a great way to unify a painting without worrying about little white flecks here and there. (But that was a part of the challenge to myself.)

SO, what am I going to do after fighting this all week?

I am going to attack it like I do all paintings that turned ugly. BUT that will be on Monday because I am going to see great art in Dallas with my daughter. We sign up for the CADD tours every couple of months and see a lot of great art at galleries and collections that we would would never have seen in galleries.

OKAY.. the ugly. If you don’t think it’s ugly but you have not seen it up close. Up close and surface is just as important at the distance view. 

PLEASE, do let me know what you think. It might not make a bit a difference in what I do, but who knows?


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