Probably finished

Everyone, including myself is tired of looking at this painting. I think it may finally be finished. At least I feel much better about it after all the struggle.

It is going to be some time propped over in a corner of the studio so i can see it with my peripheral vision before I will know for sure. At that time, rub some more plain cold wax medium over it to seal it up and buff it.

I do not plan to get out any blue paint for the next couple of paintings…………..

Annotation, Old Wall-Blue

Annotation, Old Wall-Blue

Progress being made

I waited a bit to let the oil on that painting set up a little more……….and it was way too blue. That said, I worked back into it with other values, etc. and I see some promise. I have determined that this board was just way too textured for me and it is giving me fits. I like texture but I like perceived, optical texture a little more than actual overall texture. I keep fighting it…. I need the contrast of some smooth area. I need the contrast. I need some large shapes extending from the picture plane……….hum. I turned it horizontally and it worked better for me.

For now, here it is…. there is more work to be done.

In process oil painting

In process oil painting 24 x 36 x 2 inches

Following my own advice

Okay… I am just procrastinating about working on that last painting. ….You know that one I talked about on FB a few days ago. I know I SAY that all layers are good and sooner or later the ‘painting will tell me what to do’…. but I am impatient lately. It now has quite a number of those layers of encaustic paint…. and I have to admit they were not planned layers or glazes. I don’t like the colors and I don’t like the shapes… and I sure don’t like them together.

I have finally decided to just let it all go and melt that sucker down on the top and make a new layer to start fresh on. I am even confident that having those old layers will add to the pentimenti and richness of what will finally be the finished painting.

Okay… lying to myself or just psyching myself up…………I am determined. OK… went to studio, heated up an encaustic iron… it didn’t all iron into a smush as I thought so I am smoothing it all down and will paint with R & F Pigment sticks on this piece as a ground. I have used wax before as a ground for pigment sticks. In fact, they move better than on a very absorbent ground like when you prepare with gesso.  Looking at this hodge-podge you can see why I am covering it all up.















OK… so that didn’t work so well………….I now have a BLUE painting layer going. that is what I am doing to call it anyway… just another layer. BUT that R & F Provence Blue pigment stick is sure a glorious color.  Tomorrow is another day.