Retreat update

Almost time for Happy Hour………….but I wanted to post a couple of paintings I’ve been working on here at MsArtColony. Wonderful session. Time is flying by.

Got to tell the story about the first one …gray one. I decided to get away from some of my comfort zones and not tone my canvas or draw anything at all in with charcoal. I used paint from a palette that was drying up and I thought I would get some imagery from something there in the studio. SO, I decided to paint Larry at the easel…….great shapes there I thought. SO I got all ready to go, dipped my brush in dark paint, looked up and Larry had vanished. So I just painted the ’empty easel’. I guess no one but me or one of my studio mates would know but I KNOW. Guess that’s a close to a figure as I’m gonna get.

Encaustic work progress

I got some work done today in the studio on that 24 x 24″ encaustic I had going. It has more cohesiveness now. Who knows what I will do or not next? I’ll mull it over. The photo isn’t that great….it came out dark and with too much of a sienna cast so I manually fiddled with it in PSP but I’m not that good at working with images like this. It’s rainy, stormy, dark today so I won’t take a real shot of it until I’m sure it’s finished and I have a good day outside to shoot it.

I should be gathering all my stuff for colony………I’m just a slug to day so I haven’t done much but pile up some stuff. I think I’ll run to Dallas tomorrow with Carolyn my art buddy in the next town…..go to TX WAX Dallas meeting at the new encaustic center two members have opened there in Richardson. Guess then I’ll HAVE to get to work loading stuff as Monday is the last day for all this.

Wheee…..then off to Colony bright and early Tuesday morning to paint and talk up a lot of art for the rest of the week.

Listening to the Eagles……..Long Road Out of Eden.

Update on Wax Easel

I finally found that old wooden watercolor board portable easel a friend’s husband made me so long ago. I have used it before when working on collage and my neck would hurt bending over too much…..why not for encaustic as well!

It does slant but not as much as a full easel and I can move it and lay my boards flat when needed.

If I want to go all out with uncontrolled drips, I can just put it on the old Stanrite metal easel……………yaaay!

Can’t work today to see how it will go and will be gone tomorrow all day………..but Wednesday, I’m gonna try this all out as I can definitely see a lot needs work now that I have that photo up on the easel.

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Afternoon in the studio…..

It was afternoon before I could get up to the studio to start working on more ‘wax painting’. Too much time spent trying to “tweet”. My DH took a nap while I was upstairs….kept wondering what that ‘tweet” sound was…TweetDeck, of course. He thinks I’ve lost my mind…maybe I have.

I have no idea what I did this afternoon, but I just kept adding wax medium, paints and paint sticks, then burnishing them with my little iron or heat gun. It took some time but I’ve got some layers going here. I need to raise my worktable. Deanna Wood sent me some photos of the blocks some people use …I’ve seen these at my art colony. I think it would work but then I have all those cords that are slightly shorter than you would like when it comes to extending your work area. I’ll mull it over. ..or maybe tilt some of the work up when it doesn’t matter if it’s flat.

More later…..