Heat…go away!

Well crossing fingers not to have 100 degree weather DID NOT work Thursday and Friday…today, either. I was going up Oaklawn toward the Dallas design district where my art photographer has his studio and I looked up at the temperature and it said 112…… YIKES. I know it wasn’t quite that hot but you could have fooled me. And they said it wasn’t going to be 100 that day. No pretense the next day, we all knew.

So I dropped those panels off so they wouldn’t melt in the heat of my SUV over night and returned to some gorgeous looking 4 x5’s the next afternoon on the way home. I can certainly recommend Steve Beasley Fine Art Photography to anyone needing large transparencies.

I got a little shopping in but it was so hot, I didn’t do a lot of roaming around. I was going to go by one of my favorite galleries on the way back to the studio but they called a little early and the traffic due to the continuing road work did me in and end the end……..I just went on by.

I can hope and cross fingers again for on into September when I have to go toward New Orleans to deliver the painting that the temperatures will be a little better. Right now I feel like I must live in West Texas as everything is getting a gold and brown dead look to it and the trees are even starting to be stressed to the point of some dying around here.

Varnished and done

Wow…………finally got all the approvals for the Estuary painting, got the hangers on the back, side painted and the varnish applied and drying.

I’ve made an appointment in Dallas to have transparencies made on Friday so I’ll get a day off to run around and look at some art while I’m waiting….hum or a little shopping, although I really am not much in the mood for shopping for years now. I’ll have to check out GuideLive to see if there is something interesting to go see……..and crossing fingers it isn’t over 100 degrees again.

Time to clean up that studio that I can hardly move around in, too. Maybe get out some paper and those new waterbased intaglio inks I bought and have never had time to play around with. I just wish it was a little cooler in the studio ….warmest room in the house in the summer.

Finally a photo!

Continuing the saga of the twelve foot painting.

Yes……..I’ve been working some more and dragging the three panels out to the fence where I just had to photograph them standing side by side on the ground…even took the infrequently used tripod out to hold it steady down that low to take a picture to send in to the designer. Tomorrow I may change my mind but it could be considered finished. You know, finish is in the eye of the beholder as they say about beauty. Some people would say add more, some say take out some. It’s even harder to determine if all you can see is a little image on a computer monitor. Either the first installment of the painting could be considered finished or this one………but that is determined by the space where it will be displayed.

Just now uploading this and hoping blogger will let me load a picture this time. Not a word yet yes or no……….maybe off for a long week-end. Just answered that question…NO. So what is the deal? Is there a limit on how many images I can upload. Maybe I’ll put it on my website and link to it.

Studio time

Finally, I got notice after eight days that things ARE progressing on my large commission. (mail took eight days to go 400 miles) BUT……”please darken the bottom areas. We have to remember this will be hung 11 – 12 feet off the floor and over a huge corridor entrance so it has to really carry from a distance.” I had already figured that might be the case so I’d been mulling it over in my mind. I’d also been doing some painting on the sides (12) of all the panels as I’ve gotten to really hate painting sides of gallery wrap lately. At least now all but the tops have some paint on them. Then this morning I turned them all upside down and placed them on the floor so I could get to the “bottom” a little easier to lay in a lot of darks, green dominating. (Lord, please remind me never to paint another dark valued canvas without putting down a mid-tone on it ever again!) I hate it when little white specks peek out of the darks.

Well……..mulling and doing are two different birds. I do now have a lot of greens and all that in the two left side panels but now I don’t like the relationship with the right side panel…….and I liked that whole panel the best earlier on and so did the design people. BUT, if I had to darken the other sides, I need to add a touch to the right side as well and maybe work a few of the colors from the right back into the left. Now you see where I’m going…….these relationships never end. That’s what painting is……relationships between the dark/light, intense/dull, busy/quiet………..change one place and you may have to change the whole thing. And, to top it off, acrylics don’t like you to work on small places, they want working all over to get it to blend back into the old work.

I figured this would happen. When everything goes so well in the beginning, you always end up with something to change and then “the uglies” begin. Of course, I should be happy with uglies since most of the time a painting has to go through that stage on the way to something worthwhile. Just no way around it….gotta work for my money.

Book Signing Day Finally Here

The day for the book signing event at the Barnes and Noble Booksellers in Shreveport finally came yesterday afternoon. There was a tremendous response due to the wonderful news release in the Shreveport Times the previous Tuesday…………In fact, so tremendous that we ran out of books 45 minutes to an hour into the signing.

So if you missed buying a copy of The New Creative Artist, by Nita Leland, Sunday, go to Nita Leland’s website to order one directly from her. My friend Pat got there a little late and missed buying one for another friend…..But she did take a few pictures for me. This is one of all the artists she took.

More pictures taken by Bob Horne are on Bob and Judy’s blog site.