Looking Forward, Looking Back

Kind of a slow day…contemplating this past year and all the possibilities that could await in 2011. How odd that sounds “Twenty Eleven”.

Husband and grandson doing some work around the ranch on the tractor cleaning up some things, breaking up the beaver dam again….no burning, as it is still too dry in our county.

And, happily, me in the studio, even with nothing momentous going on. All work now has the varnish, hangers and wire on it. Some distributed to one venue or another accounted for so I won’t send it out to the wrong place……….AND a new canvas with ground drying.

What am I going to do with this new 48 x 48?? Maybe continue on with my ‘meandering’. That’s as good a thought as any I think. I need to stay away from definate horizons for awhile just to keep from feeling like all I am painting lately is landscapes in whatever form they may take. BUT, my main plan is to let the canvas, the paint and my intuition take over. The most fun is in the start and in the end…..all that ‘in between’ struggle between me and the canvas is just something that has to happen. I really wouldn’t have it any other way…. I trust that it will resolve itself in time.

As most of us are looking forward and looking back, I want to wish you all a wonderful, fulfilling NEW YEAR …. TWENTY-ELEVEN. Bring it on! See you on the other side.



I finally got enough time to actually concentrate on my unfinished paintings in the studio. I started two 24 x 48 canvases before Thanksgiving. I THINK they are both finished now. You never know but I will post them both and if I change my mind….well you know what that means.

I started these both out on a ground of cadmium yellow medium. I don’t use a lot of this value of cad yellow that much………..Most of it is covered over but I like the way a little peeks out  now and then in these mostly monochromatic pale gray paintings. I also had a lot of fun making a lot of marks with pencil and charcoal in the early, middle and latter part of the process.

Not really having a title for sure yet…they are tentatively titled……..Meander 1 and 2. The bottom image is a close up of Meander 1 on top.