I got back to the studio and that painting looked better in the light of a new day. However, I decided to forget about theme show stuff and just lay down paint. I worked on the other prepped panel with other colors. So far neither are finished but I will get back to them later.

For the past two days I’ve been working on a 48 x 48 acrylic canvas…………  a couple of layers on with a detail pic and a distance pic…. Will post more when it gets more layering of paint.  Looks like another Meander series painting to me….we will see as I progress but the bones are there.

two layers
detail of work

Good and bad

Another good, sunny day around here. It’s really nice to have after all the gray, drizzly ones. However, I guess even sunny days don’t bestow good painting days every time. This was one of those days.

Not that it was terribly bad………..but I just don’t feel good yet about what I want on this panel. That’s what I get for having an inkling of an idea to start with. I gotta tell you I HATE themes. I had an idea for something along the lines of a show to enter for later in the year…..but ideas just never look and feel like what you thought they would. Oh well… if these don’t work out… I have something else that I can enter in that show.

I haven’t even done anything to the other panel but prep and lay down the first layers of plain medium. Maybe I should get over to it and work and leave this one alone.

Think Pink

Think Pink….that’s what they say at Pantone for 2011.

Pink is not really MY color when it comes to painting. However, I am up to challenges when it comes to color since I almost always learn something by using a color not in my usual repertoire.

SO… looking through all my acrylic paints I came across a Golden color called Light Magenta. I figured I would just tone my big 48 x 48 canvas with this color and go from there. I don’t have anything really in mind. I was considering…what can I combine with this color. A friend, Hylla Evans mentioned that it is wonderful with spring greens. That is really true… but it’s not spring yet around here even in northeastern Texas.

I guess that thought stayed stuck though as I just started using random colors I already had on my palette……….and they are colors I do use a lot, oranges and reds, grays and pale ochres that are mostly mixtures and went from there. I made a lot of lyrical marks with charcoal and then with black/paynes gray mixtures to get going. I even decided to do these marks with my non-dominant hand. I was surprised when these marks started looking like plant like forms. I thought they would have been more ridgid and clunky feeling with my left hand drawing them.

I’m including a close detail……….and the 85% finished work in the pictures. This work will need more paint and when that happens sometimes I paint a whole new painting. It will just depend on how I like what is happening when I go back into the one that is there now.

detail, early process

Nearer completion…. 48 x 48 acrylic on canvas