Wow……who would have ever thought I’d wait so long to post another entry to the studio journal. I’ve since gone to my painting retreat twice.

In November, I found out I had RA in early stages and had to absorb and adjust to that information. I’m doing really well now and ready to get back into the studio full time again. Having good health is something taken for granted …or it was for me. I’m not taking it for granted any longer.

During my art retreat in Mississippi, I started playing around with powdered graphite. It’s become a wonderful addition to my mixed media collage work…..such a moody, sensual element to add to my work. I’m also doing some of this work on canvas now as well as paper.

I’ll get some of this new work up on my website later as I develop more works.

Guess I’d better get back to varnishing and wiring new work.

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