I have some new materials to play around with today. I got an inexpensive Epson printer that uses the pigment inks and thought I’d copy some photos I made in Europe…change them in Paint Shop Pro and see how they would transfer to some new mixed media works I’m experimenting with.

Well………I had one of those little (12 x 12″)canvases prepped with paint and some marks made by caran ‘d ache crayons…..so I printed out the sheet with the image of the old building freize….trimmed it up with the paper trimmer, put gloss medium all over the canvas and laid it down face down…….rubbed over it and started pulling off……some of it didn’t take but most did but with a little of the paper sticking. Not perfect but I don’t like perfect anyway. I could have left it to dry and then rubbed off the paper backing but I couldn’t remember the steps and I was playing around anyway.

I’ve been prepping some Arabic text black and white paper so I didn’t want it to be too thick as I’ll probably apply the paper in various different sizes to these 8 small canvases as a starting point/background.

I actually have no idea where I’m going …..just groping blindly down some path that I hope will work out later. Slick is not what I’m after….I love the happy accident. The time will finally arrive when I SEE something I want to develop and then the hard work will begin on how to design the whole into art and not just fun backgrounds and textures.

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