I worked on preparing papers for my mixed media works over the week-end in between visiting with grandkids. By yesterday when I was ready to start putting some of them in place with my tacking iron, I found that the black and white Arabic papers weren’t ironing down as usual. Finally I just glued them down with acrylic medium, placed waxed paper over them and let them set up for a few hours. It looked like I had a few of those dratted bubbles in a few of them but I think as they dried out more, they flattened out. Now it’s time to start making a big mess and throwing around some papers just to see what starts to gel.

btw….the prep of papers comes from a workshop I attended with Jonathan Talbot http://www.talbot1.com He’s a wonderfully generous workshop leader. Another talented and generous artist I met and worked with recently is New Mexico artist, Holly Roberts. It’s such a pleasure to be around other artists who know the processes and dilemmas we all face as artists.

I have a new Canon Eos Rebel XT SLR camera to get used to and took a picture of the beginnings of this project as I’ve never really documented a collage project before. I’ll load the pictures later when the project is complete. I’m still having to get used to this program and the camera as well. Nothing like keeping the old brain cells active, huh? Right now I really don’t have a clue as to what these eight canvases will look like when they’re finished. I’ll wait for them to tell me what to do as I get into the process.

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