Over the past busy week-end, I’ve had some welcome company in my studio…….my friend, Pat. She lives about 100 miles from me so she came over to spend some time “talking art” and playing with materials in the studio. We plan on learning more about transferring photo images for use in fine art collage.

I showed her what I was working on in the studio….eight small 12 x 12″ collage on canvas pieces. I’ve been preparing the background surfaces and just playing around with various shapes and colors, textures, etc. We both have an Epson printer that uses pigment inks so we’re looking for images from pictures we took on a trip to Europe to print out and possibly manipulate in a computer program for use in our work. After buying a new digital SLR, I’m looking forward to taking more pictures for use in my work…either as reference materials or as photos that might lend themselves to use in collage.

We printed out some images I took in Barcelona a few years ago and used those as our “test” of the transfer process. The first one came out fairly well. I can see this will take some experimenting to see what will actually show up over or under what. Sometimes you want something to come through clearly and other times you want it to have a more aged effect. It will show up better if it’s transferred dark over a light, smoother background. I usually have a lot of texture so this may not work so well for intricate patterning. It, also, might take more advance planning than I usually want in my work.

Today I left the two mirrored images (pictured above) on the two collaged canvases but then as time went by I just kept adding other elements until they were covered over in one entirely and in the other barely noticable…..and probably only to me since I know it’s there.

I just decided I’m almost as bad about adding another little piece of paper or a mark every time I go by the work table as I was long ago adding just another touch or nuance to pastels. Overworking is minimized by having so many going at one time.

I climbed up on my little step ladder again to take a few pictures of the collages on the work table so I can record the process as I go along. I haven’t linked or loaded the pictures yet but intend to by the time I get through with these pieces.

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