I’ve got something laid out on all eight new collages now but have been avoiding them today as they’re in an “ugly, unfinished state” and I’ve now got to make decisions on what to do next with them. I am having a little trouble with some papers not wanting to stay “ironed” down…..wonder if they lose some of the “previous preparation” of the medium over time. So back to just gluing them down with medium as I go when that happens.

I do have great hope for them as all the best work usually goes through this horrible stage. I sometimes think it’s a necessity to start out with great hope and energy and then get bogged down with the “same old, same old”. Then you almost have to destroy it before it doesn’t matter enough to just “do it”…and the heck with if it works or not.

That’s what I’ve been doing today…avoiding the inevitable and the studio, spending too much time at the computer and the good excuse of the holiday.

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