It’s been quite a while now since I’ve added to my postings. I was spending a lot of time in the studio determining what more I needed to do for my show in November. I was finishing up some work, framing, and thinking about a couple of new large pieces on canvas. One turned out a little low key and had somewhat of an ominious look……a stormy look. I finally decided that it wasn’t my usual painting but it worked………titled Storm’s Brewing.

Not too many days later, Katrina hit the gulf coast and I felt odd about that painting for some reason. …as if it were a precursor of something to come. I have so many good friends all along the coast of Mississippi and around and in New Orleans. We have all been communicating a lot through our Mississippi Art Colony group/list and rejoicing when we find another is okay or that their home might not be totally ruined. This is consuming the time I ususally would want to work. I just want to know that everyone will be okay. They all have such a remarkable attitude about this catastrophe. I admire their resilience. There is no doubt in my mind that they will be better than ever when this is all over and their lives can resume some degree of normalcy.

I know I need to get back into the studio and work out the moods and feelings that come with this but I can’t seem to do it right now…………….soon I hope.

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