Here I am on the first day of the New Year 2006…….doing what I’ve been doing for months, everything but getting into the studio. Recording old LP’s so I can load them on the I-pod. That I-pod is supposed to be for background when I’m painting…….making a home-made pizza. As if I need to eat pizza. Seems like there’s always something and none of it is of much importance. Maybe the printing out of the past year’s accounting and finding I did pretty well this year.Who ever thought they’d want to do accounting rather than paint?

I think that’s the point, do anything but my art. I just don’t like anything that is happening with my work for months. Does this mean that I’m in a period of growth? Have my expectations gotten ahead of my abilities? I certainly hope it is a period of growth… but there is that little niggling feeling back there in the back of my mind that I have nothing to say. How can that be….me with the big mouth?? Well, it could be said that having a lot to say but that is inconsequential is not really saying anything. Okay…let’s stop all this thinking negatively….I’m a positive person.

Finally…….I went to the studio, looked in the palette keepers and all the paint but one pile was dried up. SO…..I threw it all away and put out all new, clean paint… glorious those new piles of paint always look. A new beginning, a new year, a new painting. Well, maybe a new painting, the one I’ve added lots of arbitrary lines to with charcoal just now has had two incarnations already since September and now it’s time for old number three. Hopefully, as the saying goes, the third time’s the charm.

Okay, okay….I’ll save this in drafts and go back….no more putting it off. Back later.

Wow, back again AND……….. a good session in the studio. It’s about time. Hope I can feel the same way tomorrow when I look at it again with a new eye. It’s dark now so I can’t photograph it for the blog. If it looks like I hope, I’ll do it tomorrow if the sun shines.

‘Til tomorrow——

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