I got an email from someone a few days ago………..saying “I want a painting”. You know how that goes, you wonder is this another email from someone I’ll never hear from again?? A few more days go by and they respond to your email back. YES, they want a painting…and today I went out and bought a canvas in the size they wanted. I’ve now got it on the easel with an undercoat of a beautiful golden color and I just know it will please his wife for her birthday.

You know, I just have a feeling this will be one of those special ones that will just float right off the brush and I’ll wonder how it came to be. Ahhh……and he even likes blues and purples and I had been thinking I’d have to stay away from some of those purples unless someone tells me they like them. It’s a smaller canvas than I ususally paint on so we’ll see how it goes………..

Makes me wonder if someone else wanting a painting is the biggest muse out there.

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