Some time ago I painted a small painting for someone and then the commission fell through due to a scam. The painting was okay but just not right

somehow….somewhat pedestrian (or that was my thought that day)….whatever happened to being able to critique your own work.
This is what I ended up with ….first stage. Robin wanted to see the painting so here it is.

Hum……maybe I should have left well enough alone and just put it away for some time in the future. But no, I started fooling with adding more to the layers and before you know it, there was a whole ‘nother painting here. It was just such a gorgeous day that day that the title, On A Clear Day, came to mind. (Painting below in previous post)

Now, after more time to stare at this painting, I just don’t know what to do with it. It may be okay but I’m not after okay. This also might just be me and my mood for the day…or should I say many days. I’m just not pleased with much of what I’m doing lately. Others will say this is due to growth. I certainly hope so but I wish this spurt of growth would end for awhile and let me be pleased with some of what I’m doing. I’m thinking what I don’t like (today, anyway) is that there is a tentativeness in this painting that I don’t like to see. That might not be what others see………….

Why in the world am I showing all these paintings to anyone who happens upon them??? I have no real idea except it might be a good thing for anyone who is just beginning to paint to know that no matter how long you do art, you go through these conflicts about your work. They don’t all turn out as you’d like. ……….but I just keep on working on them until I finally like them well enough to ship them away…..just put them back in the closet for another day.

Another day, another painting……..or on to something else entirely.

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