I knew I’d better get my rear in gear as the saying goes if I am to get the work done for the International Mini-Art exchange exhibit this year. So I went into the studio last night and got the substrates cut, gessoed and toned to start on today. This work has to be 20 x 20cm as the largest size and not any depth at all since they have to hang on a wall with velcro. I decided that 7.9 inches is about as close as I can figure for the size so I cut three pieces from rag mat board thinking I might do collage. I gessoed the fronts and backs to help equalize the pull of the moisture and prevent curling. I just love that color of acrylic………Golden Quinacridone Gold and used it for the toned background.
I started today with charcoal just fooling around with mark-making…….hum…………more landscapes emerged. I took pictures of these first steps but for some reason I can’t get them out of my old digital camera……….the computer can’t access the drive with the card. Oh well, I took another one with my Canon but I can’t go back to the beginning steps now.
These are the three at the moment…………I may not do anything else. I can’t believe how fast they went together as small stuff usually takes me forever comparatively speaking. I’ll have to sleep on them overnight to decide for sure.
Hum……….and which one will go to the Mini-Art exchange in Queen Charlotte City, BC in May?? they only take one.

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