Oh my……..Today is March 1 and we all leave for France on the 30th. I know that sounds like a long time but believe me it goes by quickly. Six artists going to the South of France for an art residency for a month. We ran across this link to Photo of the day . It changes every day for the region. We’ll be going to a rural village on the edge of the Aude and Ariege departments……… Sainte-Colombe-sur-l’Hers.

The residency is offered by Cat’Art and I think will certainly be a catalyst for a new art learning experience for all of us. We won’t be under any pressure there and can roam the region, work in our studio or just hang out and talk about what we’re absorbing.

I drug the old rolling carry-on bag to the computer room last night to start fitting in all the electronics I’ll be taking……..laptop, camera, all the adapters, cables, etc. for the ipod and other stuff that may suddenly crop up. I’ll take one change of clothes (if they fit in) and toiletries/personal stuff. Everything else will go in the checked bag. …….including the art supplies. This isn’t a fancy place so no fancy clothes are needed, thankfully.

We won’t have daily access to the internet but I hope to add to the posts frequently while we’re there. Guess we’ll have to travel over to an internet connection now and then and see how that works out.

This is gonna be so much fun…………

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