It’s down to the last 28 days before the trip to France. We have a lot of discussions going on about packing all kinds of stuff………and wondering how much will all this weigh or how much space in the baggage.

I checked yesterday on the site and checked baggage is limited to 50 lbs per piece. without extra fees at each connection. My plan is to only take one piece of checked luggage. So, off
to the studio to put all the acrylic tubes I ordered (I usually use big jars) into plastic ziplock bags (just in case of leaks) and weigh them….looks like on the scales they could weigh between 6-8 lbs as it’s not exact on the old bathroom scales………….and this is only the paint.

I can see this will be a challenge. I can see no way around working on paper instead of stretched canvas so I will be cutting a lot of watercolor paper in half and then sandwiching it in between foam core board with bulldog clips. Work can always be mounted on panels when I return or matted and framed conventionally behind plexiglas.

This time I’m also taking a lot of electronic gear…..a new small laptop, digital SLR, I-pod and all that with their appropriate cords, cables and chargers mentioned in an earlier post……….so into the old rolling carry-on for that as I will not check this kind of stuff. (sorry about the image of this….black on black with no flash is not easily photographed and also looks blurred)…… you can see, this will all take a lot of thought, and precision in placement.

I can see right now that the house and studio will be a big mess while all this arranging, packing and re-arranging goes on over the next few weeks.

Ahhhh, but just think of what fun it will be when we get there!

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