How could I have forgotten Spring Break? My two grandkids here in town are out for the week with no where to go..holidays and summer. I can hear the video games getting louder and louder in the living room………and scooby doo in the bedroom. All that aside, we love having them here…8 and 5 1/2 years old. They may go somewhere with their parents at then end of the week but will come by every morning through Wednesday.

I did get something accomplished the other day that I could call “art related”….need some of those art related activities every day. I had to unframe a couple of pieces since my publisher, Canadian Art Prints/Encore, wanted me to get some transparencies made………….so I finally got them re-framed. I now have about seven pieces that they may make reproductions of on in the future.

This is one of them, Fields 1 , acrylic on paper.

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