Panic time on what am I really taking to France…..I’ve been thinking it and talking it but haven’t done anything but make a big mess all over the house pulling stuff out….now how much of it will actually fit in the bags??? I already found that the new zoom lens didn’t fit in the camera bag…but I found something else that may work better and will hold the laptop as well.

In the studio……I’m folding/cutting paper to place between foam-core board as I will have to work small on paper. Placing lots of paint in ziploc bags, thinking of what brushes and mark makers, etc I need to take with me…..along with stuff to use when I collage elements I find on the trip.

One of our residency group came up with a good idea today……adding each other’s blog links to our pages so our friends can keep in touch while we’re gone all the month. I’ll set that up if I can bumble around in the template with ruining something. A couple of us don’t have blogs, Raya, Pat Stephens (humm…Pat may have one but I’m not sure if she still has it up). Karen Jacobs, Annette Bush, Robin Walker and our ex-pat group member, Ellie Clemens do have blogs.

Ten days left in the countdown……..

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