Baggies and Ziplocs……… whole world for the next month is compartmentalized into baggies and Ziplocs…. at least to get there and to get home.

When I pack stuff for the trip to France, I need to make sure that all is separated in case some artist paints or facial cleanser or all that other stuff leaks out into the suitcase……….Even in my purse, I happened to think that all those little cables for the i-pod earphones and stuff would get tangled up unless they’re in a bag. Maybe if airport security has to inspect stuff they can re-arrange it better in bags…oh well, it’s a thought anyway.

Right now, I’m slowly finalizing the last stuff to pack in the bags. When Pat gets here with her digital scale so I can make sure I’m not over pounds in the art supply bag, I can finish up arranging some of it. Decide if a few things can go in the other checked bag.

So, as usual, it is hurry up and do stuff so you can then sit and twiddle thumbs with time left over.

By going to Dallas today, we can try to relax, have a nice dinner and take our time with getting to the flight tomorrow.

Gotta put some pj’s in another bag to leave at Cyn’s condo or I’ll have nothing to sleep in since everything is packed :>/… more bag.

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