First chance I’ve had to post anything since coming to Cat’Art.
Right now I’ve got the mug of coffee, sitting here looking out at freshly tilled fields behind the house. We were told the whole place is surrounded by corn fields in the summer.
Trying to get over jet lag and the party last night. Looks like a glorious day ahead. Ellie and John are coming over in an hour to take us over to see their new house here in Sainte.Colombe and then we’re all going on over to the Sunday market in Esperaza, look around, and use the wireless connection at her house there.
.BTW…we got “fished” by Annette…she read up on the French customs for April Fools Day and stuck little Nemo stickers on everyone’s back or pant’s leg etc, while they weren’t looking.
We went to the 8 a Huit…..(we da wee)……..AGAIN…this time we found some cannelle…aka cinnamon. It will be nice in the cafe….
Finally got my computer going on the French internet through John’s help and was able to talk to Cyn through Yahoo messenger with voice…..Yaaay.
Came back to the house and cooked some zuchinni, shallots,garlic, and tomatoes for dinner…..and we’ll add a little baguette with olive oil on the side to go with it. Bon appetite………
Got some of my business stuff done on the internet and found another ATM so I’ll have enough to pay the art center for our house/studio fees.


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