This is one part of the view into the corn fields from out our basement studio under Maison de Patio (our house for the residency

Thought we were going to the Chalabre market this morning with Annette…however, they left early and Pat and I are going to the studio downstairs here at Maison du Patio instead.

Robin and Debbie got off about 9:30 am for the coast and Barcelona for a few days.
I washed a few things and hung them on the clothes line outside.

Checked on the two little pieces I worked on yesterday and they did flatten down some thank goodness..fairly curled edges yesterday.

I took out the other four quarter sheet pieces of Arches paper today and under-toned them with an arbitrary color from the palette….left under weights to dry since they were starting to curl. I hope something emerges tomorrow from shapes I’m picking up here and there as we roam around. So far not much studio time and more roaming around time getting acquainted with the area. We drove west today out of Ste. Colombe and stopped in Bastide sur ‘l Hers at a restaurant for lunch………..and it was very good. Seems long lunches and light on dinner time is working for us this week.

Not a lot of luck on the Mac with the French menus and Spanish keyboard at the office but better than nothing for email. I don’t think I want to use it to blog so this diary will have to do until I can have a longer time with a connection from my PC.


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