This is a picture of some of the trees in the parking lot in the village studio area.

Slow day today…….cloudy, colder (don’t know how cool)….but saw that the area is supposed to be 39–60 today… I’m waiting for the 60…..and the skies just brightened a tad.

Guess I should go over to the kitchen and find something to eat since we didn’t go out to lunch today. Annette went to Toulouse with Catherine and Christophe……glad she’s getting to do one of her planned explorations there at the cathedral, etc.

Today is just not a painting day to me…..took a nap and goofed off, then cooked some potatoes, etc.

My under-paintings are feeling a little more like they are drying flattened now… will start to work on them tomorrow.

Went online and found the forecast for Carcassonne is sunny and 64 tomorrow so it should be a good day.

Saturday morning and Sunday/Monday all have a forecast of rain and cooler again.

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