Plans are to get up and over to Esperaza to do some internet communications that we can’t do through the I-MAC here at Cat’Art. Some of the group are going to attend the life drawing session Ellie goes to on Saturday mornings.

Pat and I took the long way around through Quillan of the steep and winding roads since somehow we missed the turn that was to be a short-cut through Rouvenac…next time we’ll be on the look out for D121.

All things happen for a reason and ours was the reward of being able to stop high about the town and see and photograph the spectacular view.

Also, we were fortunate today to get a parking spot right in front of the pastesserie (spelling is not to be held against a person who can’t speak French, much less write it) next door to Ellie’s home.We stopped for a bite first. I got some business stuff finished, then loaded blog entries and a few pictures, checked out a few other things and closed down to go to lunch. Have I mentioned how important two hour lunches are?…although this one wasn’t that long today.

I didn’t get to talk to my daughter on that nifty Yahoo messenger with voice….as I don’t think she would have wanted to talk at what was 2 am there at home….BUT, this program allows voice mail….so I left a message.

Suzanne….Pat and I thought of you painting Puivert last time as we went by the castle…..wish you were here.

Robin and Debbie just got back from Barcelona………… on to hearing all the traveler’s news.

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