Up and around about 7:30 am….sat around , Robin had coffee water ready and dripped….talked, dressed, and wandered down to the studio for a time. Turned on the i-pod to tune out.

Continue to wonder if I came all the way to France to make collage paper. Oh well, “the process” meanders until it finds something to stop for and so far, there is nothing to stop and stay for on my canvas/paper.

I’m still on the look-out for any kind of light weight “stuff”…bits and pieces that could or not end up in a work on down the line.

Rummaged up a version of lunch….grilled cheese (Comte), Fuji apple, and leftover coffee made into iced coffee…..don’t know where everyone else is.

Down for more studio time……i-pod battery getting low so stopped and charged it, sat down to make the blog entry….maybe in a few days I can add/upload again.

NOTE: It will take a bit of treading carefully….some people awake early, some late, some UP late…all with differences in allotment of time, noise, foods, etc.

Happy that we are still able to use the ceramic studio downstairs here at the Maison de Patio since my left foot has been doing some strange aching….not the one I sprained.

We have all been invited to congregate for dinner at the other house this evening 7:30 ish….so better go soon. To finish ….wonderful dinner with soup provided by Karen…..and an assortment of other goodies appearing from all the others inn attendance….12 people at the round table. So much fun…

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