Fondation Victor Vaserely

Up this morning…. leisurely had our breakfast of juice, yogurt, croissants, and coffee. Then off to find the Fondation Victor Vaserely. A noted Op Art artist, Vaserely designed the building and incorporated his geometric experimental artwork on a grand scale into the design of the unique building. Although not usually my taste in art, the work and the building are impressive. My local art museum has some of his work so I’ll have to mention this visit to the director there.
Mentioning getting to anywhere….everyone will tire of hearing of all the “lost” times….needless to say, much time is lost trying to find places that look easy to locate on the map. By the time we found the foundation, toured, and tried to get to Aix centre ville , it was lunch time. Then after looking around and practically being blown over periodically by the Mistral winds, we got in the car to find the Cezanne Atelier. missed it on the way out of the city center and by the time we could have gotten back it would be closed…so no tour of the atelier/workshop. It would have been better to go on a guided tour of this kind of thing…too bad.
I hope we can get to out to Sainte Victoire but we’ll have to get on the road back before too late in the morning.

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