Got away from the B & B about 9:30 am and got Lynda Marshall, the owner, to take a picture of Pat and me with our Paint-L banner Karen made…gotta prove we WERE there. The place out at Ste. Esteve Janson is beautiful and Lynda is a lovely hostess as well and made us feel right at home….complete with a new map to find our way back to Ste. Colombe. It was a faster trip this time using the toll roads. We got back into Limoux and had lunch about 1:30-2pm or so and then went by the grocery for a few things on the way to the residency. So tired but got stuff out of the car, checked email, made notations, downloaded pictures….all that good stuff although no time yet to upload the blog entries.

Felt like we came home when we drove up to the residency.Happy to find that we don’t have anything onthe schedule for tomorrow.

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