Just checked and it should be around 70 and sunny today.” Make hay” as they say since rain is in the next few days forecast…maybe that will wrong.

Down to check out the studio again..worked on a few collage pieces but I need some fluid medium instead of this gel for everything. So plan to head out for lunch and to find somewhere to buy medium or its eqivilent. Catherine gave us the names and locations where we might find it and we set out toward Larouqe ‘d Holmes and beyond. We couldn’t find any but did find a woman who wrote directions to a “specialty” store in Foix…………..Hey, we are open to going to Foix since we seem to be on the “Route du Foix” continually. We finally got there and miraculously found the place…a bookstore with some art supplies. I got two versions of glue/medium and we headed back. Stopped at a store for more pastries for breakfast…..found some nice olive oil soap and headed back to Cat’Art.

All the usual….fixed something for dinner, met Karen’s granddaughter, Lauren, (coming in from Belgium) and ended the day with this missive.

Tomorrow, some are going to Esperaza for the life drawing again………Au Revoir.

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