Yaay….finally got some studio time in. Not that I know what I’m doing but it’s something. I’m not pushing it as that is NOT what we are here for. This experience will arrive in its on good time in my work on down the line.

Today is the Easter Party…about 3:30ish…Barbecue, French Style. People are arriving from all around. By the time we walk over to the area prepared for the party, there is a large open fire being tended and chickens being cooked. The tables are heavy with salads, snacks, and wine decanters. The tables are decorated with grasses, flowers Annette gathered, and deeply colored eggs dyed by Nikolai. We’ll have to get him to tell us how he got such deep, beautiful colors…I saw one that must be Karen’s favorite “barn red”.

Before the evening is over, we hear everything from Elvis to bongos for entertainment. We also met many more people and artists from around the area. We have invitations to visit the studio of a potter/ceramist Saturday and a sculptor who lives the other side of Mirepoix next Sunday afternoon.

Note from Monday morning….people are sleeping out wherever they find shelter with sleeping bags…..guess they couldn’t drive home and there is no motel 6 around here.

I didn’t take my camera to the party so we’ll have to share pictures later with Karen and Pat.

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