Slow day…holiday here the day after Easter.
Went for French onion soup over at Ady’s in the evening……been reading and just lazing around.
Did a little studio work early in the day.

Up about 7am or so and decided it was laundry day……..that can be a day for one load, washed and dried. Have to figure out how to turn on oven later as I HAVE to have some food that isn’t pastry, apples and coffee.

Went down to the studio again and fooled around and am ready to get back…..later maybe take a picture or two of the work yesterday.

Here’s one of the 15 inch squares……….

Thought we’d get out and about today but have not…..well maybe later or I’ll get sleepy and take a nap between reading De Kooning……..

Just spotted Ellie heading down to the studio…gotta go.

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