Worked in the studio some of the day… a few chapters of de Kooning again. I planned to upload the latest collage image but it did the same thing as the other one….turned from vertical to horizontal and I can’t find a way to rotate it with the blog program. So the picture is from the area of the village compound studios and gallery.

It looked as though the day would be another good one for us to get out and about so we got in the car late afternoon and just drove down various roads we’d not been on previously for some reason or other. Ended up making the rounds around Lac Montbel from another direction and actually going through the little villlage. We took some more photos but the sun wasn’t right for others we would have liked to take….not low enough or too much backlighting.

Leran was another small town we’d been passing signs to in the past so we drove through….nice place with a little outdoor glace/coffee/wine shop to stop and sit for awhile The Unicorn, I think it was……oh yes, and another patesserie right across the way to investigate.

When we got back to the residency, we checked in with the sculpture studio to see the work that came back from Nicolae’s show in Andorra…….wow, some fantastic marble pieces and wood and metal as well.

We also ran by David’s studio to see if he had any other small abstract pieces but I think they are too heavy for my quota for luggage going back, and over my budget as well…..would have liked to take one home.

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