Sad to see Annette and Karen pack up and leave for the airport this morning….and we only have a couple more days ourselves. Boo hoo! Our time at Cat’Art is coming to an end.

What an afternoon and evening we had yesterday. The film crew showed up and we just waited until they filmed whatever they wanted from all of us in the two separate studios and then waited for Karen to return so we could get the map directions to Rebecca Gregory’s chateau and studio northwest of Mirepoix. She had decided not to go so we borrowed the map and waited for Ellie….she couldn’t go either, so we got a late start. However, when we did get on the road, the trip was through some areas we’d not been through before and noted the differences in the soil color and texture, the fields, and the trees and colors. And to think this wasn’t really that far away….many micro climates around this part of France.

Rebecca’s home address is the village of Paligne, however, the property, La Commanderie, lies outside the village……… is fabulous and dates to the 13th century when built by one of the Cathars. The lineage is lost (if I got my info correct) for a couple of hundred years but the main estate was built in the 16th century. It is just a BEAUTIFUL property. We came to see her studio and were pleasantly rewarded with viewing the house and grounds as well. Rebecca’s work is really wonderful…..metal sculpture. Her web-site is .

She and her work are lovely and we hope to keep in touch with her career as time goes by.

On the way back through Mirepoix, we took a chance that our favorite restaurant would have a space for us to have dinner ……..AND they did. It was a superlative meal again as last time. You can’t ask for better service or food than at the Relais Royal Hotel restaurant.

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