I’ve been down to the studio this morning quite a bit….working on two more collages and re-working the 7th piece into something else….who knows how many of these “re-workings” on various pieces there will be. Definitely, even work that I see coming together will need more “quality of surface”, while retaining their color and value from a distance as they stand.

2 pm we will all meet in the village studios and bring our work to hang/spread out and discuss. Since we have all worked in two studios, plein air, and photography, we haven’t really seen what the others have done during the residency. This will be a time to discuss our work here and share with the others. Maybe pictures later when I get home.

4 pm Tea time at Dominique’s ceramic studio/atelier.Her studio is located up behind Ellie and John’s Ste. Colombe house….violet shutters and trim…wowee.

Wowee, my foot….we got there and it looked like a great space….but no one was there to greet us or let us in….we have no idea what happened that too her away…..we still had a great view from the studio.

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