All week I’ve been bogged down with getting ready for two new doors to be installed………and after, that we have to prep and paint them. Not my idea of good painting days but it’s about finished. I’m still waiting for the last coat to the trim around the front but it’s 90 degrees out there.

While all this is going on I went into the studio to look around for some information for paintings to present to a design gallery in NY I’ve worked with in the past and found a painting I did after my trip to France in 2004…….heck, it had never even been inventoried. I did have a title on the back…..Near Esperaza. And thinking about it, I think I was reliving some of the feeling from the afternoon up at Rennes Le Chateau that day. We didn’t make the trip over there to that area this trip. Maybe all this hulabaloo about the DaVinci Code made me remember this painting.

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