What comes first???………sometimes I wonder if titles for paintings just jump into your mind because you’ve experienced something……..or if the same painting would come and be titled something else without the experience.

Before I left for France I had two very large pieces of paper on my painting wall…..both what you call elephant size 30 x 44″. I struggled with them, just playing around….I decided what the heck, just pour paint and splash and blot. I did all that and then put them up on the wall to look at. Darn, if I didn’t just get out my brushes and palette knives and paint right over all that experimental pouring. Finally, I decided both of them were kinda coming along but needed a lot more attention than I had to give at that time. So I left them and went off to France for a month, praying for inspiration to come from my time away.

So………what did I do today but paint on one of those pieces (although I did tear it apart into 22 x 30″ pieces first). I thought, “these colors remind me of a place in France”………so one piece has turned into Lac Montbel 1. I’ll work on the other one tomorrow and see if it’s going to work out as well. This photo is a little light and washed out from too much sun beaming down and I am considering cropping off some of the sides….can’t get away from squares it seems….but maybe not.

Lac Montbel near Ste. Colombe, France has the most amazing turquoise water.

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