Well………..that was some hiatus from blogging and painting. And it may continue intermittently throughout the summer. I have two grand kids who come to visit during the daytime M-F for the summer. It will take a little bit more dedication on my part to get in the studio. What I really need is a BIG push, like a gallery saying they have to have work soon or a commission that will bring in some bucks.

I did have an idea, as they do keep popping up now and then…..although so many go unrealized.

Last month one of my friends who hasn’t been doing any work on canvas in some time brought me some canvas she finally decided she was never going to use….two of the small ones are the nice, two inch deep canvases and one large one that would have to be framed. SO.. I decided the next play around time would use these gifts and I’ve determined I really need to do some work with a heavy emphasis on value. I can never get away from using some strong color, however, as it is a great love of mine. The plan was to underpaint/tone the canvases with a color like mustard yellow……….then paint with black, brown and white non-objective paintings on top of the yellow.

I’ll have to see what happens as I just mixed up the paints and already toned the canvases last week while the kids were here.

Stay tuned!

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