I only have a few minutes….3 grandkids, granddog, and 11 boxes of paintings coming to my doorway some time today. My NC gallery is closing their brick and mortar storefront until such time as they find another suitable space……so home all the work has to come. Hopefully, they will find another as the owner has been a joy to work with and she sells my work, too.

Ooops…..the boxes have arrived……not a pretty addition to the decor I’m afraid. I’ll unpack and check off the list as the day goes by. One was not in good shape but the small works were okay.

I’ve put that darn 48 x 48 Brown/Black away to stop looking at it. Sometimes you get bogged down with one work that just doesn’t work and it keeps you from doing anything else. So off to the closet it goes……hum, well maybe as with all that work coming home every nook and cranny of closets, walls and hallways may be filled.
I’ve started looking for another gallery as I only have two now and I figure 3-4 is about what I need. If possible, maybe closer to home to keep from shipping but not if something good comes along. I had one Dallas gallery ask me to send a CD of my work and since I was doing that I also made up another for another gallery there I’ve always enjoyed visiting and think my work would fit. Now for the wait around that goes with gallery submissions.

I’m excited to have my work in a mixed media museum show opening on July 15 here at my local art museum LMFA. As all artists know, it’s hard as heck to be recognized in your own home town by museums. This is a really great little museum that has a small permanent collection, an educational collection and also changes rotating exhibits about every six weeks. Best of all for people who appreciate art, it’s free to the public. If anyone is around Longview, TX on July 15…7pm come on by the museum (105 E. Tyler St.)and say hello and view the 44th Invitational Exhibit.

I’m happy to say that things must be going well on the rebuilding front in some areas of southern Louisiana…….as I just sold two painting there to a hospital. Much is yet to be done and will be for a long time in all those areas Katrina and Rita hit but renovation and rebuilding is coming along or they wouldn’t be buying art.

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