You can call me the most ‘er ah inconsistent blogger on the web. It has been SOME time since I sat down to write. I did think about it from time to time but really don’t like just loading a daily diary.

I haven’t been entirely wasting time twiddling my thumbs…although not much work has been done in the studio. It seems like sometimes you spend more time working on the other side of art…the business side. I do enjoy it sometimes…..other times it’s just like all other chores…work.

I’ve recently lost a gallery due to closure so I decided I have to send some portfolios out again. So I started thinking about some of my favorite galleries from the past and have made inquiries about sending them images. I am really happy that some of them now even prefer a CD instead of gathering up all the slides and making slide sheets,etc. A couple have turned me down of, course, but I’m hoping that sometime soon I’ll get some good feedback from others. And one of the regrets said they might have some commission work in the future. I, also, sent in a couple of slides for a juried show for small works and should know something about that soon. I’ve got a possible large commission still hanging……maybe this week the notice will come.You can’t really count on these things until all the i’s are dotted and the t’s crossed as they say.

One aspect side of the art business is enjoyable once I get myself there. It’s just the getting there that is the problem. Receptions/openings are such a good time to get out and see other artists …maybe meet a few new ones, meet with people who have supported you in the past and you hope will continue to do so in the future. I went to the opening of the 44th Annual Invitational at my local art museum LMFA Saturday night. As most artists know, it’s hard to get invited when you’re a local……so I’m excited about that. Two accomplished artist acquaintances from the Dallas/ Fort Worth area were also included so I got to finally meet one in person and say hello again to the other. Collage artist/painter,Cecil Touchon is the one I’ve known through the yahoo collage list for a LONG time but never met in person. James Michael Starr is an assemblage artist from Dallas I’ve met in the past but not lately. They both do fantastic work and show in some really good galleries. Another artist that I didn’t know before is Jeff Brosk, a New York sculptor. We all got together for dinner after the opening so it was a lot of fun. The down don’t really get to see the show so I’ll have to go back later to really look without distractions.

If anyone is in the area of Longview, TX through August 26, go by to see the show.

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