Did I say I wasn’t twiddling my thumbs a few days ago? Well, I take that all back…today, and the past week-end I have been. I’m all ready to go on the new triptych for the commission……..but I have no color samples yet. They were to be here but they’re not. So I’m just fiddling, twiddling…..as I can’t start another project with such a large on on the easel waiting for input. I even have the beginnings of the design laid out. I can’t back up far enough in the studio to get a good shot of it…tried doing the combining of images but it looks pretty bad. But…here it is anyway……..the bones.

So, some artist friends and I are thinking of attenting Art Basel Miami Beach in December so we’re doing a lot of talking through email, of course. Thinking of the dates, flights, accommodations and all that stuff. I’ve never been to something like this and never been to Florida so it should be an enlightening experience AND I hope a lot of fun. I’m looking for an additional gallery, too, so this will be a good place to look.

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