Continuing the saga of the twelve foot painting.

Yes……..I’ve been working some more and dragging the three panels out to the fence where I just had to photograph them standing side by side on the ground…even took the infrequently used tripod out to hold it steady down that low to take a picture to send in to the designer. Tomorrow I may change my mind but it could be considered finished. You know, finish is in the eye of the beholder as they say about beauty. Some people would say add more, some say take out some. It’s even harder to determine if all you can see is a little image on a computer monitor. Either the first installment of the painting could be considered finished or this one………but that is determined by the space where it will be displayed.

Just now uploading this and hoping blogger will let me load a picture this time. Not a word yet yes or no……….maybe off for a long week-end. Just answered that question…NO. So what is the deal? Is there a limit on how many images I can upload. Maybe I’ll put it on my website and link to it.

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